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Original (mejor una única palabra o fragmento):  

Na dnjah zemletrjasenie v Ligone
Na drugoi planete: Povest iz zhizni obitatelei Marsa
Na Lune
Na morte de Estreliña
Na noite da derradeira novena de difuntos
Na ponte de ferro
Nabot's Vineyard
Nachdenkenswerte Antworten
Nachinajutsja navodnenija
Nachricht aus den Leben eines bekannten Mannes
Nachricht von den neuesten Schicksalen des Hundes Berganza
Nachricht von einem gebildeten jungen Mann
Nachts unter der steinernen Brücke
Nad chernoi biezdnoi [Nad biezdnoi]
Nada the Lily
Nada the Lily (The Doom of Chaka)
Nadezhnoe zaklinanie
Nagash Immortal
Nagash the Sorcerer
Nagash the Unbroken
Nageki no Hoshi
Nagra brev till Ove Lindström
Nailed by the heart
Nains et gnomes. L’Univers Féerique
Naked Empire
Naked Flame
Naked in Death
Namari no tamago, 鉛の卵
Name [Please Print]
Name of the Beast
Name of the Snake
Names in the Black Book
Nanabanne no otoko
Nancy Holder. El mar de la muerte
Nánke Tàishou Zhuàn
Nanny's Dream
Nanook, the Snow Monster
Nao Estamos Divertidos
Nao Mais
Naomi's Room
Napoleon and the Spectre
Napoleone Apocrifo [Introducción]
Napred Chovechestvo!
Narakan Rifles, About Face!
Naranja y negro
Narga, the Sea Monster
Narn i Chîn Húrin (The Tale of the Children of Húrin)
Narraciones de lo real y fantástico
Narrative of a Fatal Event
Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
Narrow Valley
Nascita, vita e morte delle stelle
Nastassja's Honour
Nasty Snow
Native Tongue
Natural Advantage
Natural High
Natural History
Natural Selection
Naturalis Historiae
Nature stories to tell to children
Nature's Children
Náufrags a l’espai
Navigare Necesse Est Vivere Non Est Necesse: Mussolini and the Legacy of Pompey the Great
Navigatio Sancti Brandani
Nawa¯dir al-Qalyu¯bi¯
Nawādir al-Qalyūbī
Nazi Europe: What if Nazi Germany had defeated the Soviet Union?
Nazis from Space: Looking Back at V
Ne Me Réveillez Pas!
Ne strelJaj dori na shega
Neanderthal Planet
Near Flesh
Near Thing
Nearly Departed
Nearly Extinc
Nearly Extinct
Nebesnaya Kulu
Nebula Wars: the Importance of Being More Than Ears Earnest
Necessary Evil
Necromancy in Naat
Necronomicon: The Wanderings of Alhazred
Necroscope II: Vamphyri! (Wamphyri!)
Necroscope III: The Source
Necroscope IV: Deadspeak
Necroscope V: Deadspawn
Needful Things
Needle (From Outer Space)
Nefarious Times We Live In
Neglected Murderesses
Negore, the Coward
Negotium Perambulans
Neil Armstrong Remembers His Journey to the Moon
Nein ladro
Neither Brute Nor Human
Nekht Semerkeht (Unfinished fragment)
Nel cosmo ci cercano?
Nel reame dell’orrore
Nel secolo duemila trecento
Nelson Bond
Nelson Bond (Essay)
Nemico segreto
Nemo. Il gigante di pietra
Nemo. Il ragazzo senza nome
Nemoguci susreti
Nerone e Berta
Nessa no Tenshi
Nessuno crederà
Nesting Instinct
Nests in a Stone Image
Neue Lampen
Neukushennyj lokot’
Neutron Star
Neutron Tide
Never Bet the Devil Your Head (Never Bet Your Head: A Moral Tale)
Never Bet the Devil Your Head. a Tale With a Moral
Never Come Back
Never Deal with a Dragon
Never Despair
Never Fade
Never Grow Up
Never Hang Another
Never Kick a Black Cat. The Story of Felix Darnell
Never Let Me Go
Never Marry a Witch
Never Meet Again
Never on Mars
Never Overlook an Angle
Never Quite Tough Enough
Never Send to Know
Never Shake a Family Tree
Never Talk to Strangers
Never to Be Lost Again
Never Trust a Woman
Never Trust an Ancestor
Never Visit Venice
Nevskij prospekt
Nev'zmozhni sreshti
New Amazonia: A Foretaste of the Future
New Apples in the Garden
New Arrivals. Old Encounters
New Desires. Rhizoming with William Gibson
New Enterprise
New Faces in the City
New Flesh for Old
New Found Land
New Hire
New Introduction [Dangerous Visions 2]
New Is Beautiful
New Kings Are Not for Laughing
New Light on the Drake Equation
New Maps of Hell. A Survey of Science Fiction.
New Men for Mars
New Model Army
New Moon
New Murders for Old
New Murders in the Rue Morgue
New name for the science fiction?
New People
New Readings in Biography
New Rose Hotel
New Spring
New Tales of the Cthulhu Mithos
New Wave
New word
New World
New Worlds
New Worlds for Old
New Worlds of Fantasy
New Worlds of Fantasy 2
New Writings in SF. 1
New Writings in SF. 2
New Writings in SF. 3
New York 2140
New York Nights
New(n) Pernch
Newford Spook Squad
New-Metal Mistress Time
News for Dr. Richardson
News for the Delphic Oracle
News from Nowhere
News from the Sun
Newton Sleep
Newton's Cannon
Newton's Sleep
Next Door
Next Stop: The Stars
Next Stop: The Stars (The End of the Beginning)
Next Time You’ll Know Me
Next Top Villain
Next, After Lucifer
Next... the Planets!
Nezapertaia dver
Nezhdánnye Gosti
Ngarri Jandu and the Nimmamoo
Ni Haijin
Nice Girl with Five Husbands
Nice Guy
Nice Work If You Can Get It
Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King
Nicholas Was…
Nichto chelovecheskoe nam ne chuzhdo (Dvazhdy dva starika robota)
Nick and the Glimmung
Nick of Time
Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum
Nicolas Eymerich, inquisitore
Nicolas Loyseleur, Juge
Nie wieder
Nieselpriem und Naselküss
Night After Night
Night and Morning
Night and the Loves of Joe Dicostanzo
Night Beat
Night Bites
Night Call
Night Call, Collect
Night Calls the Green Falcon
Night Drive
Night Embrace
Night Falls Too Soon
Night Fishing on the Caribbean Littoral of the Mutant Rain Forest
Night Game
Night in the Warehouse
Night in Werewolf Woods
Night Journey of the Dragon-Horse
Night Lamp
Night Meeting
Night Moves
Night of an Execution
Night of Cake and Puppets
Night of Falling Stars
Night of Full Moon
Night of Light
Night of Passage
Night of Serpents
Night of the Blood
Night of the Dragon
Night of the Eye
Night of the Huntress
Night of the Jabberwock
Night of the Living Clay
Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dummy
Night of the Living Dummy II
Night of the Living Dummy III
Night of the Living Trekkies
Night of the Meek
Night of the Ratchets
Night of the Ripper
Night of the Seventh Darkness
Night of the Tiger
Night of the Twisters
Night of the Vampire
Night of the Werecat
Night of the Werewolf
Night of the Wolves
Night Piece
Night Play
Night Pleasures
Night Poem
Night School
Night School: Fracture
Night School: Legacy
Night Season
Night Sequence
Night Star
Night Storm
Night Surf
Night Things
Night Train to Babylon
Night Walk
Night Watch
Night Work
Night World
Nightfall (The Curse)
Nightfall at Algemron
Nightlight: A Parody
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Nightmare Brother
Nightmare for Future Reference
Nightmare House
Nightmare in 3-D
Nightmare In Blue
Nightmare in Gray
Nightmare In Green
Nightmare In Red
Nightmare in Time
Nightmare in Time (The End)
Nightmare in Wax
Nightmare In White
Nightmare in Yellow
Nightmare Inn
Nightmare Island
Nightmare Lake
Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga
Nightmare Store
Nightmare with Zeppelins
Nightmare. The Story of John Day
Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger's Seven Sweetest Dreams
Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic
Nights at the Circus
Night's Kiss
Night's Master
Nightside the Long Sun
Nigth Masks
Nigth of Knives
Nigth of the Wolf
Nihal della terra del vento
Nijura - Das Erbe der Elfenkrone
Nikoga ne e k'sno za novi bedi
Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige
Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers
Nine Gables
Nine Hundred Grandmothers
Nine Lives
Nine Princes in Amber
Nine Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Four Days
Nine Threads of Gold
Nine: The Heart in Conflict
Nine-Finger Jack
Nineteen Eighty Four
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen
Nineteen Ninety-Four
Ningen Isu
Ninja Avenger
Ninja Cyborg
Ninnillo e Nennella
Ninth Grade Slays
Niño diablo
Nitrogen Plus
Nix Naught Nothing
Nixa, the Death-Bringer
Nº 2 Plain Tank
No Bath for the Browns
No Brother of Mine
No Charge For Alterations
No Comebacks
No Connection
No Cracks or Saggings
No Dawn and No Horizon (The Frozen Planet)
No Day at the Beach
No Defence
No Deposit*No Refill
No desperteis a los muertos: el mito de la momia
No Different Flesh
No Direccion Home
No Direction Home
No Dominion
No Elves in the Fourth Age?!
No Enemy But Time
No escape
No Feisu
No Fish forthe Cat
No Future for Luana
No Gods, No Heroes
No Great Magic
No Gun to the Victor
No Killer Has Wings
No Land of Nod
No Light for Uncle Henry
No Loose Ends
No Man Friday
No Man’s Hour
No Man's Land in Space
No Margin for Error
No Mercy
No moinho
No More Friction
No Morning After
No Name, Adress, Identity
No News Today
No News, or What Killed the Dog?
No One on the Line
No Particular Night Or Morning
No Place Like Earth
No Place Like Oz
No Place on Earth
No Rest for the Wicked
No Rez
No Room in the Stable
No Said Forever
No Sanctuary (The Dangerous People)
No Second Troy
No Ships Pass
No Sinecure
No Small Problem
No Stronger Than a Flower
No Such Thing As a Vampire
No Such Things as a Vampire
No Tears an Informer
No Tears for an Informer
No Time Like the Future
No Truce With Kings
No Use to Talk to Me
No Visible Power
No Way Home
No Woman Born
No World of Their Own
No, No, Not Rogov!
No, No, Not, Rogov!
No, Thanks
No. 252 rue M. Le Prince
Nobless Oblige
Nobody Bothers Gus
Nobody Here But
Nobody Here But Us Shadows
Nobody Lives For Ever
Nobody Lives on Burton Street
Nobody's Home
Nobody's Perfect
Nobody's Watching
Noch einmal: Was ist Kunst?
Noch' pyered Rozhdestvom
Noches lúgubres
Nochnoi Dozor
Nochnoy Dozor
Noemi a Milano
Noir no Wana
Noite de paz
Noli's Story
Nomads of Gor
Noman Spinrad. El sueño de hierro
Nombres y figuras
Només digues si encara m’estimes
Només digues si encara m'estimes
Non aspettavano altro
Non hai dúas sin tres
Non Mi Uccidere
Non Stop
Non voglio più essere ciò che sono (Non voglio più essere quello que sonno)
Non, pas moi!
None So Blind
Non-Stop (Starship)
Nonstop To Portales
Non-Stop to Santa Rosalia
Nooit meer vrede
No-One Will Ever Take Your Place
Nopti la Serampore
Nor Any Drop to Drink
Nor Iron Bars
Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Nor Limestone Islands
Norby and the Queen's Necklace
Norby and Yobo's Great Adventure
Norby Finds a Villain
Norby, Down To Earth
Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot
Norby: the Mixed-Up Robot
Norby's Other Secret
Nord contre Sud
Norman: Friends and Other Strangers
Northanger Abbey
Northern Chess
Northern Lights
Northern Lights. His Dark Materials
Norton and I
Norvell Page's adventures in the First Century
Nosso Homen Em Marte
Nostrum Paracelsius Crook
Not a Creature Was Stirring
Not a Laughing Matter
Not According to Dante
Not After Midnight
Not by its Cover
Not Enough Hope
Not Exactly Love
Not exit
Not Final!
Not Fit for Children
Not for a Chorus Girl
Not for an Age
Not Here, O Apollo!
Not Just a Job
Not Just a Witch
Not Long Before the End
Not Me, Not Amos Cabot!
Not One of Us
Not Only Dead Men
Not Our Brother
Not So Deep as a Grave
Not So Stupid!: Incredible Short Stories
Not Stupid Enough
Not the First
Not the Running Type
Not This Virginia
Not to Be Taken at Bed-time
Not to Mention Camels
Not Waving but Drowning
Not with a Bang
Not Yet the End
Nota acerca del autor [Brujas de viaje]
Nota acerca del autor [Conan de las islas]
Nota acerca del autor [Conan el bucanero]
Nota acerca del autor [El valle del gusano]
Nota acerca del autor [Elric de Melniboné]
Nota acerca del autor [En costas extrañas]
Nota acerca del autor [Espadas y demonios]
Nota acerca del autor [Imágenes en acción]
Nota acerca del autor [Las puertas de Anubis]
Nota acerca del autor [Rechicero]
Nota acerca del autor [Snow crash]
Nota preliminar [El hombre de negro]
Nota preliminar [Hacedor de estrellas]
Nota preliminar [La sombra blanca]
Nota preliminar [Obras escogidas Jean Ray]
Nota sobre esta edición [Danza macabra]
Nota sobre los autores [Las 100 mejores novelas de ciencia ficción del siglo XX]
Note Lovecraft's Book
Note of Author
Note on the Commorian Myth-Cycle [Hyperborea]
Note on the original submission on the Lay of Leithian and The Silmarillion in 1937
Notebook Found in a Deserted House
Notebook Found in a Deserted House (Them Ones)
Notes (Collected Poems)
Notes [Caught in the Organ Draft]
Notes [Hallucination Orbit: Psychology in Science Fiction]
Notes [Hallucination Orbit]
Notes [Nightmares and Dreamscapes]
Notes [The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Vol. Four: The Days of Perky Pat]
Notes [The Hour of the Dragon]
Notes [The People of the Black Circle]
Notes [Volume Five of the Collected Stories]
Notes and Commentary (Satan's Servants)
Notes and Commentary [The Chaining of Melko]
Notes and Commentary [The Coming of the Elves and the Making of Kôr]
Notes and Commentary [The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor]
Notes and Commentary [The Cottage of Lost Play]
Notes and Commentary [The Fall of Gondolin]
Notes and Commentary [The Flight of the Noldoli]
Notes and Commentary [The Hiding of Valinor]
Notes and Commentary [The Music of the Ainur]
Notes and Commentary [The Nauglafring]
Notes and Commentary [The Tale of the Sun and Moon]
Notes and Commentary [The Tale of Tinúviel]
Notes and Commentary [The Theft of Melko and the Darkening of Valinor]
Notes and Commentary [Turambar and the Foalókë]
Notes and Commentary to Gilfanon's Tale: The Travail of the Noldoli and the Coming of Mankind
Notes for ‘At the Mountains of Madness’
Notes for ‘The Shadow Out of Time’
Notes for ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’
Notes for a Murder Story
Notes for a Novel About the First Ship Ever to Venus
Notes for a Young Writer
Notes for Scholars [The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Novels]
Notes from a Respectable Cockroach
Notes From Nowhere
Notes nouvelles sur Edgar Poe
Notes on Ender's Game
Notes on Fairy Faith and the Idea of Childhood [Beyond the Looking Glass]
Notes on the Authors [I Shudder at Your Touch]
Notes on the Authors [Wayward Girls and Wicked Women: An Anthology of Subversive Stories]
Notes on the Conan Typescripts and the Chronology I
Notes on the Conan Typescripts and the Chronology II
Notes on the Conan Typescripts and the Chronology III
Notes on the Evolution of Horror Literature
Notes on the Mormon Stories
Notes on the Perception of Imaginary Differences
Notes on Various People of the Hyborian Age, page one
Notes on Writing Weird Fiction
Notes sur le fantastique (textes de Théophile Gautier)
Notes to ‘The Challenge From Beyond’
Notes Toward a Mental Breakdown
Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown
Nothing but Gingerbread Left
Nothing But Love
Nothing But the Best
Nothing Changes
Nothing for Nothing
Nothing from Nothing Comes
Nothing Hurts for Long
Nothing in Life is Ever Enough
Nothing in the rules
Nothing Like Murder
Nothing Might Happen
Nothing O’Clock
Nothing O'Clock
Nothing Sinister
Nothing Sirius
Notice of Intent
Notice sur Champavert
Noticia sobre el autor [Desde el mar sin mareas]
Noticia sobre el autor [Historias del crepúsculo y de lo desconocido]
Notizie false
Notre Dame des Eaux
Notte d’inverno a Filadelfia
Nou accions espectacle
Nouasprezece trandafiri
Nourriture terrestre
Nous avons tous peur
Nouveau monde, mondes nouveaux
Nova Companhia
Nova Express
Nova York é noso
Novel Clan: Lasombra I. Shards
Novel Clan: Lasombra III. Sacrifices
Novelty Act
November Mourns
November's Eve
Novogodniaya skazkia
Now and Then
Now Cracks a Noble Heart
Now is Forever
Now Wait for Last Year
Now Wakes the Sea
Now We Are Sick
Now You See It... (The Search by the Mule)
Now: Zero
Nowhere is Safe
Nowhere Near
Nowhere Without Her
Nuestro discreto apocalipsis
Nuisance Value
Number 13
Number 17
Number of the Beast
Number One Suspect
Numeros cantan. Los bastardos italo-españoles de James Bond
Nunc Dimittis (The Devious Bachelor)
Nunca llovió que nun aparara
Nur ein Druck auf den Knopf
Nur ein Zufall?
Nursery of Horror
Nursery Tale
Nurse's Stories
Nussknacher und Mäusseköning
Nutcracker Nightmare
Nuts to Rex Stout
Nuzhat al-udaba
Nyarlathotep (poem)
Nylon Angel
Nymfit: Montpellierin legenda
Nymph of Darkness
Nyuyoku tanko no higeki


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